casting on edge


Unroll some copper sheeting, crumple . . .

. . . with a rubber mallet. We then zig zagged it back and forth, duct taping a few of the zigs to zags on the bottom edges to keep it from getting out of control. 5 hr abaca was laid out end to end to make a sheet longer than the cast in order to have lots of material to drape between edges.

Laid out.

With one of us holding the sheet, the other draped it into position on the copper. We then gently pressed/massaged the sheets to round and smooth the valleys while sharpening the edges.

Dribble in some pebbles and wait 4 days.

The pebbles keep the abaca taut and from shrinking up flat between the copper edges. They also slightly emboss the paper.

paper waterfall.

The edges are quite stiff and structural.