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You can see a gallery quick view of works from these 6 shows or look at them show by show through the links below or in the Shows tab.

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No Monument to Us vs Them, February & March 2018

Museum of Wisconsin Art 2018 Biennial, West Bend

Meaningless and Sure, February & March 2017

The 3rd floor gallery at the Madison central library is a big light-filled space. The proportion seems vaguely church-like so we did something that looks very vaguely like an altarpiece.

Municipal, December 10 2016

The big Art Deco municipal building in Madison is getting rehabbed. Emptied but before construction seemed a great time for a one day pop-up art event. We made a couple of pieces to show along with several dozen other artists.

Hair-trigger eternities, Summer 2016

The 4 pieces for this show started with handmade paper forms that needed a context. We spent months going through endless permutations. When we'd get something we liked, the urgency and frustration of composing fell away. We'd stare at it and wondered what took us so long. Somehow, Henry Miller's words capture that sensation.

Apartment Project
707 East Johnson St, Madison July & August 2016

With 2 apaStuck with 2 apartment for a month, a local couple filled emptied their old apartment, filled it with art and catered a series of weekly gourmet dinners for 24

Happy as I can be
Little Monroe Gallery, May & June 2016

This is a little glass and steel display box out front of a frame shop here in Madison. The curator asked us to put something in it. We were flattered to be asked, but stymied. We started swapping ideas and thought, hey, what if we use the gallery as an armature. That seemed a good challenge, so we wrapped it.