Woody and Pinky, the wind spinners

MakeShift Festival
Tenney Park in Madison, WI
August 12, 2018

Woody’s bent ride to the sky and its gorgeous shadow 2018

Not a stitch of handmade paper - all bent luan, epoxy resin, spray paint, piping, free spin roller bearings. It's one of 2 spinning sculptures we made for  MakeShift Festival - food with a little public art - in Madison's Tenney Park on Sunday August 12, 2018. This one is about 6' high. The one below is 8'.

Pinky, or Streaking and scattering the wind and the sun 2018

The other spinner had some handmade paper (the yellow and blue & green form), but mostly fiberglass fabric and tinted resin.

We are really pleased with them against the blue skies, park greenery and white booth roofs. We got the scale right, too. Unfortunately, you had to walk around them to see them because there was barely a breath of wind to spin ‘em. Maybe we’ll set them up somewhere else with a breeze before the parts get lost to inventory. Or make some more with better engineering.

Thank you to Bethany Jurewicz for her work making MakeShift a success as well as for her support and enthusiasm for our project.

LandesSullivan at gmail.com

MakeShift Festival 2018 was held August 12 in Madison, WI Tenney Park

LandesSullivan at gmail.com