Not a stitch of handmade paper - all bent luan, epoxy resin, spray paint, piping, free spin roller bearings. It's one of 2 spinning sculptures we made for  MakeShift Festival - food with a little art - in Madison's Tenney Park on Sunday August 12, 2018. This one is about 6' high. The one below is 8'.

IMG_4099 copy.jpg

The other had some handmade paper (the pink shapes and the yellow and blue & green form), but mostly fiberglass fabric and tinted resin.

We'd show a video, but there was barely a breath of wind. What breezes there were occasionally were defeated by the stiffness of the allegedly free spin roller bearings. Maybe we’ll get to set it up somewhere with a breeze before the parts get lost to inventory.

IMG_4138 copy.jpg