Cast Cotton pieces with a blue abaca wrap on the right. This is a detail from our library show in March 2017.

Work by Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan

We are husband and wife making art together in Madison, Wisconsin. The work grows out of our handmade papers and our studio experiments. Other elements come in to complement and literally to support the paper such as insulation foam board, plywood and heavy wire. We talk and think about the works in terms of materials, composition, color, installation.

The works evolve, change and grow into a finished piece from there. Perhaps later, a piece is "undone" and parts will go into something new. (damn old work and storage units) We want to surprise ourselves, as well as our viewers.




Below, blowouts of clamps, fresh and wet. Mixed black and white blowouts were then couched onto a orange base sheet. Both are cotton rag and linters and were forrmed with a 12" x 18" deckle box. We did several, one of which was sliced into strips and collaged into the work bottom right.


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