peach cast cotton papers with a blue abaca paper on the right. This is a detail from our library show in March 2017.

Work by Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan

We are husband and wife making art together in Madison, Wisconsin. The work grows out of our handmade papers and our studio experiments. Other elements come in to complement and literally to support the paper such as insulation foam board, plywood and heavy wire.

Our working method is discontinuous. We make paper objects and then later put them together with other elements, paper or otherwise. Artworks are created, exhibited or at least documented. Then they're taken a part and recycled into new work. Damn old work and storage units! If the need arises and the parts are not elsewhere, we'll recreate a piece.

The peach "tapestry" (above and below) that Barb made a few years before we began collaborating full time has reappeared many times.



Summer 2017

Summer 2017

We use paper fiber to make things that we think are interesting or beautiful or satisfying in some way. Complete or fragmentary, our paper objects become part of our "inventory" from which we draw when working on our pieces. We talk and think about the works in terms of materials, composition, color, installation. Meaning comes with the formal concerns being understood and addressed.

Below, blowouts of clamps, fresh and wet. Mixed black and white blowouts were then couched onto a orange base sheet. Both are cotton rag and linters and were forrmed with a 12" x 18" deckle box. We did several, one of which was sliced into strips and collaged into the work bottom right.


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