Work by Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan

Above image is a view of our show, Meaningless and Sure, on the 3rd floor of Madison's Central public library in February and March 2017. Click "Library," for more.

We are husband and wife making art together in Madison, Wisconsin. The work grows out of Barb's handmade papers and our studio experiments. Other elements come in to complement and support the paper such as insulation foam board, plywood and heavy wire. We talk and think about the works in terms of materials, composition, color, installation. The works evolve, change and grow into a finished piece from there. Or, perhaps later, a piece is "undone" and grows into something new. We want to surprise ourselves, as well as our viewers. 

We give viewers hooks into the work to make it accessible and get them looking. We'll use a work's title or "artist statement" to offer them insight into our thinking and working process.

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