We could make sculpture without our handmade paper, but we'd rather not.

Landes Sullivan is Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan, wife and husband, making art together in Madison, Wisconsin. The work grows out of our handmade papers and our studio experiments and tribulations with paper fibers. Other materials come in to complement and sometimes literally to support the paper such as insulation foam board, wood and heavy wire. MORE

We met in grad school, an Academy in NYC. The figure didn’t stick with us, but we did. We shared a studio in Jersey City for 13 years before moving to Madison for more grad school for Barbara in printmaking and papermaking at UW Madison and Center for the Book in Iowa

Feel free to email:  landessullivan at gmail.com

A little about our process:

Here’s an example of the fabrication of the cast cotton piece (second from the left). 86” x 12” x 4” cotton rag and linters 2017

We built a relief of scrap wood, wire, old blue jeans, etc. (A similar mold is shown below.) The depth and complexity of the relief as well as 3 or 4 layers of paper makes it pretty rigid.

We lay damp pieces of lightly pressed paper over the form and let it dry in position. For the ends, however, we did things a little differently. We created a couple of designs on a flat surface and then incorporated them into the piecemeal design.

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